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Welcome to the Fitz Roy Iron Works

The Fitz Roy Iron Works was the first iron works in Australia, which operated between 1848 to the 1890’s and established the industry in this country.  The enterprise struggled to be successful over the subsequent decades, but assisted in establishing the iron industry in Australia.

In July 2004, Woolworths Limited lodged a development application to build Highlands Marketplace Shopping Centre.

In December 2004, the NSW Minister for Planning placed an Interim Heritage Order (IHO) on portions of the development site because of the site’s potential to contain remains of the former iron works.

Highlands Marketplace opened in March 2007 with the Fitz Roy Iron Works restoration a key feature. 

The exposed remains of the protected site are located in the underground car park of Highlands Marketplace, 197 Old Hume Highway, Mittagong NSW. These remains have been conserved, maintained and displayed with permanent public access provided as part of the interpretation, communication and celebration of the history of the significant place. 

Throughout this website you will find information on the restoration, the interpretation of the site through signage and information on the relevant authorities involved with the site. 


Click here for the Highlands Marketplace
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